Your fishing adventure begins in Norway.

​Welcome to Camp Mehamn!

Mehamn consists of one of the best fishing areas in Norway, not only is the sea there an ideal place for anglers who dreams of big Catch, but also Mehamn’s immediate surroundings offer over 400 different fishing spots in the form of streams, rivers, ponds and lakes that you could use, if you feel like you want to experience a varied fishing or when there is a strong wind that would prevent going out on the open sea.

Campmehamn an ideal environment for sea fishing, guided by our experienced fisherman to the most beautyfull places. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings, as each day at Camp Mehamn unfolds with unique and exciting locations.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced angler or a newcomer, our fishing camp guarantees high comfort with our newly renovated apartments and pure fishing joy. Welcome to Camp Mehamn!