Atlantic Halibut is the biggest species of flatfish found in the Atlantic Ocean. They are highly prize by anglers and commercial fishers for their size and fight.

To cath a Atlantic Halibut, anglers typically use bottom fishing methods such as jigging, baitcasting, or angling with dead fish. But its very important to have the proper equipment , such as heavy-duty fishingrods up to 50 LBS but we recomend 20-30 lbs , stong braided fishing line 0,30 -0,45 mm and a good reel with a good drag presure. As Atlantic Halibut can grow to me very large and put up for a very strong fight.

Cod Fishing

Atlantic Cod is a species of fish that can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a very popular target for both recreational and commercial fishers due to its abundance and delicious flavor. And especilly when the Skrie is comming to narrow waters to bride.

To catch Atlantic Cod , anglers typically use a variety of methods including jigging, baitcasting, trolling , and bottom fishing. Bailt options includes worms, heering.

Qhen fishing fro Atlantic Cod , it’s important to look for areas with a depth between 30-100 meters. Good fishing spots include rocky outcroppings, underwater ledges, and the base of underwater structure.


Pollock, also know as coley , is a species of fish found in the North Atlantic and around Arctic waters.

When fishing for Pollock, ist important to look for areas with strong currents, as this is where the fish will be hunting for food.

Good fishingspots for pollock is rocky outcrippings, underwater ledges, and the base of underwater struckture. Sometimes you can see the fish hounting small fishes on the surface popping after pollock is a blast. Otherwise you can catch the fish in the middle waters.